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5 Tips | renovate the kitchen without spending a lot of money

5 Tips | renovate the kitchen without spending a lot of money

The kitchen is a room of the house where we spend many moments with family, friends or even alone. For this reason, it is important that this room is welcoming and functional. If you have recently bought a house or are tired of your current kitchen, we share with you some ideas to make small changes at low cost and that will make all the difference. 


Renew the kitchen countertop

If the kitchen is not too large, changing the workbench may be enough to feel that you have a new kitchen with little investment. When choosing to change the kitchen countertop, wood is a more economical solution, and in addition to giving a feeling of warmth and warmth,  it is also a material with a timeless aesthetic. However, it is important that you give it a finish with protective varnishes to avoid scratches and moisture accumulation. 


Renew the tiles

To make your kitchen look like new, you can choose to do a renovation of the tiles. 

The tiles can be expensive and for this reason, a more affordable solution is to choose to paint them. Choose a paint for tiles of light tones that bring a sense of luminosity and amplitude to the space.


Renew furniture

A kitchen with neutral colors can become tiring in the long run. If you want to bring a touch of color and light when thinking about renovating the kitchen do not forget the furniture. An excellent way to give a new face to your kitchen is to modify the doors of the furniture: you can choose to paint, exchange only a few doors for showcases or change the handles.



Try to add other points of light, on top of the cabinets, along the countertop or on the ceiling. The led strips are an excellent option because in addition to being quite affordable, they are easy to apply and give a touch more welcome immediately!

Change the main lamp and if you have a central countertop or an island, try using more than one light focus.


Decorative elements

Cheaper is impossible: recycling and reusing some things you have at home. Go storing the glass jars of some foods and then take the opportunity to put the cereals, rice, pasta, etc. In addition to helping to have a more effective organization, they also serve as decorative elements. Don't forget to write down the expiration date of these foods on the jars.


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