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Learn how you can save on your home's electric bill

Learn how you can save on your home's electric bill

The electricity bill is one of the main expenses of households, being generally the most expensive. The variation in energy prices, as well as the careless use of electricity, can cause the electricity bill to increase greatly.


To avoid high energy bills, Selectra, which helps the Portuguese to save on their services at home, by comparing energy tariffs, together with Local Properties have developed a set of advice and tips to reduce the electricity bill or compensate for the increase in the value of this essential good in all Houses.


How to save electricity at home?


  1. Use LED lamps


A simple and cost-effective operation to save on the electricity bill also involves replacing the halogen lamps in the house with LEDs. In addition, it is worth exchanging lamps or electrical extensions for ceiling lighting with LED system. They will brighten the divisions more and their consumption will always be much smaller.


  1. Investing in efficient home appliances


When it comes to renovating appliances, it is advisable to analyze in detail their level of consumption and energy efficiency. It's worth spending a little more on more current models to reduce energy bills from day one. A very advisable measure when buying refrigerators, freezers, washing machines and dryers or air conditioning and heating equipment. They are devices that are used for long periods of time, with a permanent consumption.


Also know that the most efficient appliances are classified with the various energy labels, which inform the consumer of the level of efficiency of this equipment. The classes range from class A, the most efficient, which presents with the color green to the letter G, red color and the least efficient.


  1. Cold wash cycles and full load


Whenever possible, washing and dishes should be carried out at low temperature or cold (30ºC). In addition, full loads are important, because the more clothes in the washing machine with a program, the less washes we will perform and the less consumption is made. It is almost impossible to talk about energy efficiency, not to mention water saving. Therefore, it is recommended to group the clothes to wash. This will also make responsible water consumption.


  1. Review your invoice


With the invoice in hand, you should check the contracted power, and if you can reduce it and at the same time maintain regular use of equipment connected to electricity at home, it is advised, since you will be able to lower costs. Most customers have a contracted power higher than required.


For example, if you have gas heating or if only two people live in a house, you won't need such a high power, and at the start, the 3.45 kWh power may be sufficient.


  1. The "Stand by" function


The stand by or standby mode (that red light that is always on even when electrical appliances are not used) can represent an annual increase in the electricity that is consumed. The simplest option is to turn off the equipment completely, but electrical extensions can also be incorporated with a manual switch or even Wi-Fi to turn off the equipment instantly.


  1. Outdoor light


In spaces such as terraces, spotlights with solar panels can also be installed. The market already offers several models in account and with prolonged use of hours without light.


  1. Solar panels


The installation of self-consumption solar panels is also gaining ground. Nowadays, it is already more common to place solar panels that absorb solar energy, and that can supply an entire house. This makes it no longer dependent on the conventional energy grid and reducing energy bills.