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Renewable energy and solar panels in your home

Renewable energy and solar panels in your home

If we used more renewable energy in the future, epidemics, climate change, global warming, extinction or the destruction of the ozone layer would be drastically reduced. In fact, the world is beginning to gain more awareness about the importance of consuming solar energy, ending the degradation of natural resources, and the energy dependency that all countries inevitably have.


Thanks to technology such as the internet of things and solar power systems, things are changing and for the better!


Selectra, together with Local Properties, developed this article to help you better understand what solar energy consists of so that you quickly understand that it is one of the best ways to reduce pollution, through very effective solutions such as photovoltaic systems. This type of renewable energy systems are also becoming cheaper, which is why more and more people are installing them in their homes. Learn how.


What is the future of photovoltaic solar power?


It is true that the main reason for installing this type of system is to reduce energy bills, since the electricity we consume through solar panels is free. However, if the majority of consumers in our country used this type of energy more efficiently, it would mainly change the economy and reduce energy consumption of non-renewable resources, in addition to reducing the air pollution produced by the Portuguese housing stock.


The costs of solar energy


The installation of such systems is becoming increasingly common due to technological advances, falling prices of solar panels (solar panels are 80% cheaper than a few years ago), interest in some countries and new policies to increase their use.


In recent years, research on the technologies and materials used for the development of solar panels has come a long way, helping to reduce the cost of solar power systems.


Smart solar panels


This type of solar panels is based on the application of the internet of things and home automation, whose objective is to improve energy efficiency and the intelligent use of this renewable energy source. Smart solar panels work with all types of WiFi connection between the solar panel system and a control device. Thanks to this we can perform all kinds of system-related tasks from anywhere in the world and anytime.


In addition, these types of dashboards can also perform tasks on their own, the purpose of which is to make the system as efficient as possible.


What can these smart panels do?


1. Thanks to the "clusters", which are a technical system that detects all changes in solar radiation, the solar panel can change position to be able to take advantage of greater use of the maximum amount of sunlight.


2. If an overheating or a very long exposure is overheated, the system itself will modify its operation so that, without stopping, it does not suffer damage.


3. The system user can also modify aspects such as tilting or opening the panels remotely.


4. It is also possible to control what to do with the electricity produced. It can be consumed or stored in the battery for later use.


5.On the other hand, the system has a series of alerts that warn about any problem or internal failure, to avoid malfunctions.