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Advantages of selling your home through a real estate consultant

Advantages of selling your home through a real estate consultant

Selling a house can be a difficult task. Therefore, it is always advisable to have a real estate agent, that is, a specialized consultant in the sector, who can guide each of our steps when we want to sell our house. In this article, in collaboration with Selectra, we want to explain the importance and advantages of hiring a real estate advisor for the sale of your home and what advantages this entails.


What is a real estate advisor?


A real estate consultant is the professional who gives advice, mediation and ends up managing the sale of a property. The main function of this agent is to accompany the customer (whether the buyer or seller) throughout the process of buying and selling a house.


A good real estate consultant has certain features that will help make your work more effective and that also help you get better results. Thus, a real estate advisor should:


  • Be proactive so you don't have to go after him.
  • Transparent and always tell the truth about your purchase, without hiding any information.
  • Have successful productivity levels.
  • Have a good background in the sector.


Advantages of having the accompaniment of a real estate advisor to sell your home


Many of the people who want to sell a property, look at the possibility of doing so privately, to save money from hiring a consultant. Once you get into the process, most people realize that management is much more complex than they thought and that it's not so easy to find a quality buyer.


Most of the time, people who decide to sell on their own, face a very long process, during which they will have to lower the price of the property to the point of selling it and having loss.


Real estate consultants, on the other hand, have all the tools to be able to buy or sell a quality house. These professionals can help you sell a house in the best conditions.


These are all the advantages you will get if you request the service of a real estate advisor for the sale of your home


Are aware of the geographical area

Real estate consultants know the area where they work and know the price of houses in a given neighborhood. They can help you make an objective assessment of your property, so you can sell it at an appropriate price, neither higher nor lower.


They have selling tools


Real estate consultants are sales experts and know all the necessary techniques that must be used to close a sale. These consultants can help us find the strengths of our property so that it becomes irresistible in the eyes of the buyer.


These professionals will help make a good photo report and teach how to deal with face-to-face visits.


Help you not waste time


When you have a real estate consultant, all calls from potential clients go directly to him, which saves you a lot of time on the phone. In addition, it will also filter out those customers who are really interested, so you don't waste time getting to know those who won't buy your property.


Your ad goes further


Real estate consultants work in companies that have at their disposal all the marketing tools necessary for your property to go further. Your ad will not only reach the people of the neighborhood, but on the internet, people from all over the city will be able to start evaluating your property as your possible next purchase.


In addition to helping you with the photos, they can also create a virtual reality section where you can see the apartment in 3D. In addition, they review the ad text to make it clear, concise, and reach the largest number of people.


Recompile documentation


Once you find your buyer, the bureaucratic part begins. To sell an apartment it is necessary to deliver a lot of documentation, to different entities and at the right time. The real estate consultant will help you collect all this documentation and take care of all the paperwork to make it more relaxed.


Please also know that in the case of properties that are waiting to be sold or even leased, and that have active energy or water supply, the real estate agency itself can proceed to the treatment and management of active contracts or even those that must be canceled. If you are not available to cancel services, hire water or energy, many real estate consultants can do so for you by making such requests or changing the holder of the energy and water contract from that location.


Also in this field, Selectra, a company specialized in the comparison of energy, water and telecommunications tariffs, and also in the management of contracts since it can also facilitate all procedures and manage the contracts of all basic services through the contracting or cancellation of them, change of ownership, request for connection of electricity and water , or even the change of the contracted power. The management of contracts can also be done for the property that is intended to be sold, and without worrying about anything. Selectra provides telephone support and completely free of charge, so nothing fails.


Always looking for your interest


The real estate consultant is someone who is at your side throughout the process of selling your property and who always seeks the benefit in your favor. This will let you know that if you choose a good consultant, you will be selling your property as soon as possible and at the best price.


Having a real estate advisor means  having the support of a company that relies on the right professionals, who use the best techniques, tools and strategies to reach their ideal buyer.


Now that you know the importance of hiring a real estate consultant for the sale of your property and know all the advantages you will have, do not hesitate to consult our website, where you will find all the news and real estate services of Local Properties.