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Mortgage Broker

Mortgage Broker - Identification Elements


  • Denomination

Resposta Positiva - Mediação Imobiliária Unipessoal, Lda.


  • Headquarters 

Rua Cidade de Torres Vedras, Lote 1, Praça do Município, Loja 37, 8600-293 Lagos




  • Contacts

Carla Barradas - Brasil | 962 349 637 | carla@localproperties.pt



Description of the Credit Intermediation Activity


  • Category

Linked Credit Intermediary


  • Lending Credit Institutions:

Banco BIC Portuguese, SA

Caixa Geral de Depósitos

Banco Santander Totta, SA


  • Credit Intermediation Exercise Regime

Exercise of the Credit Intermediation Activity under a Non-Exclusivity Regime


  • Credit Intermediation Services

Present and propose credit agreements to consumers, as well as to provide assistance to consumers, by carrying out preparatory acts or other management work. pre-contractual, in relation to credit agreements that have not been presented or proposed by them. Conclusion of credit agreements with consumers on behalf of creditors.


  • Consulting Services



  • Civil Liability Guarantee

Insurance Company Allianz Portugal, SA


  • Identification of the Civil Liability Insurance Contract:

Apólice 206187948  | Valid from 18/06/2022 to 18/06/2023


  • Supervisory Authority of the Credit Intermediation Activity

Bank of Portugal


Note: It is forbidden to the credit intermediary to receive or deliver any amounts related to formation, execution or early compliance of credit agreements.



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