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We are a real estate agency that doesn't just care about meeting the needs of customers. We want to exceed them!


Whether you are in the market to buy a property or to sell one, we will work together with you , one on one, to ensure the best possible deal.


Selling a property can be a difficult and exhausting experience if it is not conducted properly. Local Properties, in addition to being a licensed and accredited real estate company (AMI:17839) by the Institute of Public Markets of Real Estate and Construction (IMPIC), offers a personalized, efficient and continuous service to each client.


A real estate consultant is qualified to determine the actual price of your property, based on a comparative market analysis. This is the number one factor in the sale of your property. Through research, analysis and experience, we will help you determine the ideal sales price. A sales and marketing plan is put in place to expose the property to the most potential buyers.


Currently the Internet is the best and most comprehensive way to promote a company and also the most powerful tool for buying and selling real estate. Thus, we promote all our online properties in national and international real estate portals, as well as on social networks. We invest in our communication and marketing strategy, knowing exactly where and how to advertise our properties. We use real estate marketing tools, such as sending automatic emails to all customers in our database, whose preferences meet your property. It's the perfect way to get the right buyer. 


We have many services at your disposal:


· Advertising at the level of personal contact, distribution of advertising and continuous promotion, either through static means or online , with the publication of the properties on the agency's website.
· Sending the properties to web platforms where they are published and viewed in real estate portals, both national and international
· Promotion and dissemination of real estate on social networks
· Use of custom plates as a means of promotion.
· Photovideographic/drone coverage
· Guided tour's of the properties.
· Preparation of market studies.
· Mediation of all business processes.
· Monitoring of buying/selling processes.
· Based on our experience we can recommend the best and most qualified professionals for your construction, decorating, architectural, and engineering needs.


We are available for any questions. Contact us tel. 282 761 694 or geral@localproperties.pt